Privacy and Biometrics

How to protect personal privacy in a empowered state and why it is important. Countries such as the UK and China both have an over abundance of monitoring (spy) cameras in public spaces. Is there a way to benefit from the widespread use of these cameras for surveillance and public safety without completely destroying the privacy of law abiding citizens?

With China’s major accomplishment of the RCEP free trade agreement (CTV) and with President Xi Jinping’s recent suggestion that a standard QR code , health passport, be adopted globally to allow easing of Pandemic induced travel restrictions, ( BBC ) it is quite possible China will begin to fill the global leadership role, abandoned by the US in the Trump era: EXCEPT it is so very difficult for many countries to trust the Chinese. (NYT)

It would be wonderful, therefore, if China were prepared to both push for global interoperability, such as President Xi Jinping’s standard QR code, at the same time as strengthening privacy with the likes of technology such as Sovrin’s SSI or Self Sovereign Identity. SSI allows individuals to verify themselves, while at the same time allowing them to control his or her privacy. The same standard QR code, could serve dual purposes, being used by Digital Financials Service providers (DFSPs) around the globe , once a standards approach such as Mojaloop were adopted. It would signal Chinese leadership’s preparedness to recognize the importance placed on personal privacy by western society. Encouraging for example Alipay, regulated by the PBC, with billions of users and trillions of dollars of transactions to support the same Mojaloop standard, could be mutually beneficial. China assumes a larger more trusted role in the global economy and the sheer weight of Alipay brings new found strength to a global Fintech standard.

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