The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has started down a slippery slope by introducing Facial Recognition for Nexus users.

Surveillance cameras in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.

China deploys hundreds of millions of cameras to watch over every aspect of their citizens lives.

Tell our Privacy Commissioner we do not want such a massive invasion of our privacy in this country.

There is a much safer way to use biometrics for verification to protect our border entry points. Europe, where the protection of personal privacy is taken more seriously than in China and apparently now more seriously than in Canada, Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) is used to allow authorities and individuals to better protect their personal identities while permitting individuals to verify their identity to authorities as required.

Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) wants to use facial recognition templates and potentially breach our privacy while risking the exposure of Canadian’s Biometric identities. Write you MP or the Canadian Privacy Commissioner to ask that the Privacy Office stand up to the CBSA and insist that they abide by Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) principles. Below is the concern I have submitted to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner

“I was informed by NEXUS this morning that they would be introducing FACIAL RECOGNITION for screening Nexus clients at Canadian Airports. NEXUS assured us that they will be protecting the privacy of individual travellers by not storing personal information on the local Kiosk and rather would be storing personal information on secure cloud servers operated by CBSA. I don’t believe for a moment said servers will be truly secure and neither should you or CBSA. I object to the Canadian Border Service Agency unnecessarily infringing on my rights to privacy and exposing my biometric identifier. As a minimum CBSA should be setting an example by enforcing Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) which is being promoted and gaining acceptance in Europe, where the protection of privacy is more enlightened than here in Canada.

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